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  • Florida - Auburndale
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    Pictures of Comcar Industries in Auburndale, Florida, and Comcar Industries CEO Mark Bostick. Comcar is one of the country's leading carriers, running four separate companies, with offices in more than 45 locations nationwide.
  • Florida - Pensacola
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    Pictures include Pensacola, Florida residents preparing for Hurricane Ida and students at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, who have developed a lifesize, bipedal robot, the M2V2, unique for its ability to mimic human heel-to-toe motion.
  • Florida - Sanford
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  • Florida - St. Augustine
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    Images from St. Augustine, Florida and surrounding areas, including Marineland and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Florida - Tallahassee
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    Pictures of Tallahassee, Florida, including Waller Park’s Florida Heritage Fountain, the Florida State Capital, the Florida Supreme Court, and Sunset Landing. Also pictures of Dream Defenders, a student activist group that occupied the state capital to protest police brutality against African-Americans and the stand your ground law invoked in the shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin. Also includes pictures of Dream Defenders director Phillip Agnew.